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Facilitation: Human Agility Mapping Type Certification Training

I helped Linda Berens Institute co-create and refine content for the Human Agility Mapping Certification training that we then co-facilitated in Huntington Beach, California. I've been taking courses and working along side Linda since 2010. I was thrilled to support her work.


Linda's models of Cognitive Dynamics, Essential Motivators and Interaction Styles were the focus of this training. I facilitated a piece on the Intentional Styles type lens Linda and I co-authored.

Linda Berens, Vicky Jo Varner and Chris Montoya

Here's a photo of Linda Berens, Vicky Jo Varner and me. We were posing before an activity as you can see from the chart pad on the right regarding Cognitive Dynamics and type.

Chris Montoya during training roles as participant, coach and facilitator for Human Agility Mapping Type Certification.

Besides preparing for a joint coaching demonstration with Linda, I was working on my part of the training facilitation and participating in the learning.

Linda Berens during course facilitation.

Linda Berens poses on a break in Huntington Beach, CA. I can bet she was facilitating Essential Motivators, also known as Temperament to the David Keirsey crowd. Linda was trained by David Keirsey himself and has refined the work of type and considered the expert's expert!

Participants collaborating during activity

Here type alike groups are working together on a application exercise to experience the process before facilitating it.

Stephanie Kiler & Chris Montoya during break.

I take a few moments to pose with Linda's daughter, Stephanie Kiler.

Participant discussion during certification training.

Here's another group activity where people were working in type alike groups. Notice the image on the door? It's from an activity for designing the ideal work environment and how it relates to the Interaction Styles of individuals.

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