• Why people succeed - and why they don't.

  • Catalyst Workshops

    I help you do three things well - discover your passionate expert niche, help you create lucrative sales offers and help you strategically systemize your business around what matters most - you and your ideal clients.


    My areas of expertise I use in my work:

    • Human Resource Development 
    • Career & Recruitment Strategies
    • Instructional Design for Results
    • Motivation coaching, mentoring & facilitating
    • Strategic Executive Planning Facilitation
    • Leadership Skills Development
    • Organizational & Team Communications
    • Change & Project Management
    • Neuroscience Influencers
    • Psychological Type Models
    • Self-Discovery Assessments 
    • Spirituality Growth & Development Systems
    Who I Love to Work With:
    • Aspiring change makers, self-starting leaders, knowledge experts & visionary creatives who need to quit working for a boss and courageously create their work in the world they were born to do 
    • Mid-career 'burnt out' professionals who need to discover their best work roles to earn through fulfilling work to ignite passionate work on their terms
    • Human Resource professionals and coaches who want to create effective courses and results-focused workshops that transform people and earn revenue
    • Intuitive mediums, healers, creators and artists who wants to take their reach out to a more global audience through their marketing and services.
    • Organizational Leaders who need to build their businesses around their expertise and ensure the market will invest in what they sell
    • Startup intuitive entrepreneurs who need to define their targets, create sales offers, market and sell transformational products or services, and build powerful experiences the market wants to invest in
  • There are four levels to creating a lucrative business around your personal bests:


    Level 1: Understand your core value in the market.


    Level 2: Focus your work on what the market will invest in.


    Level 3: Build market trust with repeatable systems.


    Level 4: Leverage your brand legacy with greater reach.


    -Chris Montoya

  • Work Praise

    Kristi Welton-Kidder

    Kidwell Consulting

    Chris came highly recommended from some of the smartest people I know. He knew what he was doing and I found a lot of value in the helpful, thought-provoking exercises and techniques. His facilitation was critical to accomplishing the end goal. He kept us from jumping to solution until it was the right time. He helped boil down the many dots to next key steps, kept things interesting and moving for all. He's a 'facilitation ninja.'

    Adrienne Sánchez

    UNM Hospitals

    Chris has the ability to communicate and appeal to all levels; he is dynamic, a sincere listener with a strong work ethic. He effectively matches resources to goals. He is known for developing innovative plans and solutions.

    Matthew Rivera

    Adams County Government

    Chris is an accomplished training professional. His commitment goes beyond the workplace. He generously shared his expertise and experience to enrich the minds of future leaders and young professionals at the Anderson School of Management.

    Ellen Dornan

    New Mexico Humanities Counsel

    If you ever get the chance to work with Chris, count yourself lucky! Chris is hardworking, dedicated and perceptive - and approaches his jobs with integrity for the job itself and thoughtfulness for others. He not only brings years of experiences to his work as a corporate trainer, but also his natural compassion and concern for people he is training and for the people with home he is teaching.

    Jillian Gonzales

    J. Gonzales Consulting

    Before our workshop, I thought we'd only be doing collage work, but I learned that goal setting is not about planning, it's deeper than that. I loved the step by step layering process and the visual maps. I now see myself in a whole new way. Chris has exceptional authenticity, tools and process.

    Frank Kidder

    Presbyterian Healthcare Services

    Working with Chris was positive. Facilitating is an art form that is only acquired through experience and insight and Chris is an outstanding facilitator who has mastered the rare talent of balance. During the workshop, not only did it clarify the nature of our business transition but engaged the enrollment of key stakeholders. I was impressed that we got through the assertive agenda and this session helped out. From pre-work, participant materials, facilitation and overall experienced, the logistics worked well. 

  • Joe Crelier, ARM

    Portland Public Schools

    Chris is a premier source for professional coaching and developing learning. He has the ability to see what tools will create the right environment for others to improve or excel. Chris has been a resource for me when I needed confidential coaching related to personnel development.

    Ildiko Oravecz

    High Performance Consulting

    Working with Chris I see things more holistically and gain a picture of my life's vision. I enjoyed the exercises and having my thoughts reflected back to me was powerful. The workshop has given me a lighter approach to my year - it felt powerful and energizing.

    David Hayer

    Gap Inc.

    Chris is a pleasure to work with. He is thorough, responsive and an expert at building business relationships.

    Leanne Stewart

    Ideations Digital Marketing & Business Development

    Chris brings you to deeper and better understanding of what makes people work and how to create a better team. His ability to assess skills and working strengths is something I wish more people possessed, as it helps create better work and improved dynamics across organizations.

    Felicia Harris

    RocketBox SEO

    The facilitation was incredibly smooth from Chris. He was not afraid to keep us moving forward. I appreciated process examination and the focus on our marketplace and demo-graphics. There was a lot of intensity and excitement during the session. Chris was agenda focused, super positive and easy to work with during the program. As a result, our organization has a better lift off from our work together.

    Linnea Smith

    Linnea Smith Photography

    I was trying to boost my social media followers and figure out promotions. Chris gave me simple concepts that I never thought about now I use as a filter for my business, helping me focus in my work, backed by great research! He picks up on what inspires you and enhances what’s insides to become real outside.

  • Products & Services I Offer

    Your Visionary Life Numerology Virtual Workshop

    Self-Discovery Product

    Ever wonder what your spiritual life path really is? Do you keep bumping up against the same kinds of life challenges but struggle to understand why or what to do about it?


    I offer a full personal numerology report, and a Life Blueprint summary you can fill out from the report as you read through the report to create a summary dashboard to give you greater clarity for your career, wellness, relationships and personal growth.


    Your Visionary Life Numerology Virtual Workshop & Coaching

    Self-Discovery Coaching

    Ever wonder what your spiritual life path really is? Do you keep bumping up against the same kinds of life challenges but struggle to understand why or what to do about it?


    I offer a full personal numerology report, a Life Blueprint summary and a it's bundled with a recorded coaching call to discuss how your blueprint impacts your life and what you can do in the four major domains of your life.


    This valuable recording, report and summary dashboard will give you greater clarity of for your career, you wellness, your social relationships and your personal growth.


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  • about me

    Using my intuition & empathy for work, world travel and buying art.

    I'm a creative, purpose-centered coach, strategist and educator. I geek out on personality type models, personal branding, goal setting, business systems, learning styles, and neuroscience with a mild (or not so mild) YouTube addiction.


    I've built training organizations from the ground up, mentored clients into profound changes, bring clarity to best work roles in career coaching, leadership development and mentoring experts to share their message with educational products.


    My favorite world travel places (and favorite foods) include Peru, Bali, Tokyo, France and Italy. I dream of a world where children are free from cancer and can grow up living and playing as healthy children.

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